East Meets West

The second panel in this hand-painted geisha screen is a door leading to a small ensuite bathroom. The ledge below the screens is held up with small platforms reminiscent of the "geta" footwear worn by geishas. Lighting is a key element in this vaulted ceiling, two-story bedroom, appearing recessed in the bulkhead, and as Paul Ruine sconces throughout the space. The fiberglass and resin addition to a round mirror adds drama above the bed.

East Meets West continued

This upper-storey features a custom L-shaped laminate desk and book case under the windows. Although the space is simple, the detailing around the windows and on the furniture sets it apart. Wall-to-wall closets, outfitted with drawers, single and double hanging line the wall opposite the panels on the main floor.


How can I ever thank you for taking my love of hair, fashion and combining different shapes, and coming up with this dream-come-true room for me. When we started our renovation and you convinced my dad to give me part of his third storey man-cave for my desk area, I had no idea how it would work. His ceiling had beams, and I just couldn't see how that would fit into my vision of a girly room. You assured me that my space would be sleek, sophisticated and feminine. When I returned from camp, and saw the finished product, I felt like the luckiest girl alive (which I am!) I appreciate all of the details and the way that you worked in all of the shapes. I have decided to go to design school when I am older.
Love Sheri.

Point of View

There were several challenges in creating this workstation for a teenager who described his dream room as "sophisticated and unique." In order to capture the light from the adjacent indoor porch, while maintaining privacy, we removed part of the drywall, and added opaque glass. An intricate lighting system illuminates the area in daytime and at night. The client wanted the option of facing outside or into the room with his computer hidden from sight when not in use, and his supplies within reach. Mirror image storage cabinets and the floating desk, which is anchored with a contemporary wrought iron leg, allow him to easily face either direction. The computer and printer are hidden behind the "mountain" bi-fold doors for easy access and no visible cords.

Point of View continued

The view of the room features the teenager's waterbed, which is flanked with custom night tables. The faux stone of the "mountains" is repeated on the tabletops, which are perched on faux marble bases. The lamps are actually metal sculptures, which were wired and fitted with turquoise lacquered shades, echoing the colours of the bench and bedspread. Access to his pillowed-lined side-lit niche is via this handsome rolling library ladder. It's the perfect spot fo reading or just hanging out with friends. The wall-to-wall carpet is inlaid with slices of suede.


You nailed it! My friends and I love hanging out in my new room! I love everytihng- it's got so many cool aspects, from the mountain desk area to the indoor tree house. The eraser night tables are so funny-you listened to everything I said. When you first told me about the colours I thought they might be feminine, but they aren't at all!

Everything Old is New Again

This colourful bedroom is proof that any item can be repurposed in a different space. The butler that once graced their entry, now holds a basket of hydrangeas and stands ready to serve. The rattan chairs sit as comfortably in this bedroom as they did in their former sunroom. And the antique hutch, which was part of a grandparent's dining room suite, now acts as an armoire for clothes.


You were extremely easy to work with. You always return calls promptly and are very accommodating. You kept us informed and advocated on our behalf. You are both innovative and practical and never stopped searching until you found the perfect item for our needs.
We loved working with you.
Rona and Harold Shapiro

Deco Chic

This custom, hand painted 4 panel screen serves as the headboard in this deco inspired bedroom. The camel coloured silk quilted into squares, gives both texture and dimension to the comforter and cushions. Tri light sconces flank the bed. The client's existing night tables were painted the same colour as the new custom TV/clothing unit featured on the opposite wall.

Deco Chic Cont'd

Thank you for your endless support and talent in turning a pile of rubble into a beau-tiful living space. This reno was daunting, but you were so available to us and guided us through a maze of decis-ions. I really enjoyed spend-ing time with you; choosing fabrics, furniture, and all the "decorator stuff" too numer-ous to mention. Your design for the kitchen, wallunits, vanities are original, fabulous and so functional. Our head-board is the envy of every-one who sees it. You brought us a terrific contractor, cabinet-maker and all your people behind the scenes. Your creativity is boundless and we are blessed with a fantastic result. Ron and I are so proud of our new home, thanks to you. I just wanted to express my eter-nal appreciation. L., Marlene

Smooth as Silk

Although silk is a strong fabric, it is difficult to clean. It's a perfect fit in this master bedroom sitting area. Diamond-quilted silk adorns the loveseats, which were angled to add interest to the space. Lining the full-length silk drapes with flannel gives them extra body and fullness.

Passport to the Mediterranean

Adding metal grillwork to this custom bedroom furniture gave the clients the Mediterranean look they were after. The small but effective electric fireplace adds visual and physical warmth to the space on those cold winter nights when warm sea breezes seem so distant.


Dear Shaila
Despite your 2 broken ankles, you managed to see our renovation through to the end and give it the Mediterranean feeling we so much wanted. Providing a music room, formal living room and den, complete with 2 "huge recliners" (to quote you) and a large TV screen in this space was a daunting task. You pulled it off with flair and ingenuity. Your designs were fabulous and your decision to build the server into the armoire, so as not to obstruct the mural was genius! We love everything from the moment we walk through the door, to the new kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom cabinets and bedding... did I leave anything out??? We hope you will join us when we entertain... we can't wait to show off our new home. We loved working with you.
Ralph and Marcelle