Multi Tasking Testimonial

Dear Shaila,
Despite your 2 broken ankles, you managed to see our renovation through to the end and give it the Mediterranean feeling we so much wanted. Providing a music room, formal living room and den, complete with 2 "huge recliners" (to quote you) and a large TV screen in this space was a daunting task. You pulled it off with flair and ingenuity. Your designs were fabulous and your decision to build the server into the armoire, so as not to obstruct the mural was genius! We love everything from the moment we walk through the door, to the new kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom cabinets and bedding... did I leave anything out??? We hope you will join us when we entertain... we can't wait to show off our new home. We loved working with you.
Ralph and Marcelle


A Tall Order

In this 2-storey family room, the tiny fireplace was all there was. The challenge was to create a unique storage-filled space that would be warm and inviting. The scale of the fireplace in comparison to the room had to be addressed. Surrounded by granite, flanked with half-round wood columns, and topped with a two-layer mantle, it began to gain prominence. The TV is hidden behind the hand-painted glass panels.
The lower one (featuring the monkey hanging by its tail) lifts via remote control, and when it reaches a certain point, the TV turns on. The tribal men double as handles on panels that slide out to reveal storage for a full bar, and music center. Additional closed storage can be found under the bookcases. Rich jewel tones, chunky textures and warm wood set the backdrop for this well used family-friendly space.


Shedding New Light

Opening the wall between the kitchen and the living room, and removing the solarium doors, allowed the light to filter through the entire condo, while providing wheelchair access to every part of the space. A wall consisting of an electric fireplace flanked by two coral backed storage units defines the living room, while the colourful area rug anchors the home office, and echoes the stunning Venetian Glass dining fixture.


Dear Shaila,
In renovating our condo we were faced with many obstacles. You helped us plan for all of those physical challenges, which were both new and scary to us. Tho' we couldn't move the concrete walls and shower drain, you managed to create super functional and sophisticated spaces with great traffic flow and easy access. You stepped up to the plate, took over completely and made a terrible time for us so much better.
Jen and Meyer

Brick by Brick

The young couple that owns this townhouse wanted it all... a sophis- ticated but contemporary living/family room, with open and hidden storage, a functioning desk, a romantic fireplace and a new big screen TV. The clients were faced with the choice of losing a few inches of storage in each cabinet or selecting a smaller TV. The TV won out! As the size of the TV grew, so did the fireplace. Much of the success of his wall lies in the proportions. The stunning split-face bricks add texture and glam, but would have had far less of an impact on a smaller surface.


Dear Shaila,
What a transformation! We never imagined such a beautiful room in a townhouse! The fireplace is above and beyond, and we love the new hardwood. Everything looks so rich...and you didn't "break the bank". We loved working with you.
Marc and Carly

Opposites Attract

Sleek, contemporary stainless steel tables, funky crystal lighting, and the multi-textured console table live harmoniously with the cozy charcoal velvet sofa, and soft gray armless chairs. The charcoal, gray and brown tones are repeated in the upholstery weight cut velvet geometric fabric, used for draperies and oversized toss cushions. The feather blend filling, gives the cushions a relaxed welcoming appeal. Opposite, the custom unit houses the TV, stereo, bar as well as the client's extensive music collection.


Bending Over Backwards to Get it Right

Tropically inspired, modestly scaled, this burgundy bamboo furniture proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. My feeling is that there should only be 1 diva in a room, and in this case it's the colourful, highly textured-painting, which adds just the right amount of pop to the space. Subtle shapes, textures and tones add visual interest. The luxurious shag rug and sleek baby grand piano prove the theory that opposites attract. Illuminating the corner, this graceful bronze torchere compliments the curves of the furniture, adds height, charm and anchors the space.


We were once again impressed by your sense of style, flair, and sensitivity to our needs, taste and budget.
Dr. Peter and Marilyn Syrtash


The Test of Time

The client who owns this condo has moved several times since this fabulous note arrived from her 13 year old son (over 27 years ago) but always with the proviso that there be a wall long enough to accommodate this faux marble custom wall unit. Some of the furniture has been scaled down over time, as she downsized, but many of the custom pieces have stood the test of time - a true testimonial to the design and workmanship.


Shaila, Thanks for fixing up the house for my Bar Mitzvah. My parents weren't stressed cuz they knew you were on the job! My firends love it and so do we. Especially the new fireplace and the cool wall unit. Even our old (ugly) couch looks O.K. Now. Thanks for everything Shaila.
Jason Berman

Hiding in Plain Sight

While searching for an area rug for my client's greatroom, we fell in love with this patchwork cowhide. As it was too small to use as an area rug, we opted for a large monochromatic carpet, and decided to showcase this unusual piece in the form of an oversized ottoman. Still front and centre it wins the trifecta as a footrest, coffee table and focal point.

Hiding in Plain Sight Continued

The back of the barstools are covered in a cream cowhide to add texture and fun while the fronts and seats sport a serviceable vinyl.
The waterfall bench was brought from storage to provide seating for the desk. We recovered it in the same vinyl as the chairs, and increased the height by adding wood bases to either side.


Dear Shaila,
It was a busy year. We moved into a new house which needed furnishing and at the same time I had to renovate and decorate my office. Friends of ours had used you for their home and cottage, and raved about the outcome. Working with you, we were able to get both the house and office redecorated in tandem. You took our vision and budget and made it happen with a combination of really creative ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and a current and modern design style. You were there with the installers and tradesmen to see the project through to perfection on time and on budget. You thought of, and noticed things that we would never have considered. Everything exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend you for any large or small residential or commercial job. Thanks for everything.
Brian and Jen

Mergers and Acquisitions

Blending tastes and styles of furnishings can be tricky when each person brings what he/she loves to the shared space. Adding timeless animal prints and contemporary art compliments the antiques and adds interest to the room. The Dubi Ari original, purchased at a charity auction was too small for the space. The mirrored frame was added, enlarging the piece without the heaviness of a more conventional frame.



Thanks to you, we managed to have a beautiful apartment which showcases the best of both of our furniture, and we didn't get divorced in the process.!!


Can We Talk

The Oriental screen was the jumping-off point for this eclectic family room. Rich jewel tones abound and are repeated in the Persian rug, fabrics and artwork. The home- owners' decision to relegate TV watching to the basement, along with their desire for a "relaxed formal" environment dictated many of the fabric and furniture choices. The custom lacquered-linen desk, and bronze "warrior" add a touch of whimsy, in this clutter-free conversation oriented room.



You are committed to your work and your clients. You are an exceptional designer with vision and style, who has transformed our home into a beautiful, inviting space. You are wonderful to work with and appreciate everything you have done.

Ruth Panofsky

Can We Talk Continued


Somewhere Under the Rainbow

This small games/dining table is enhanced by the moiré chairs in colours pulled from the painting. It's not easy to find 4 colours that you need in one fabric... but when you do, it's magic!


Dear Shaila,
You were a delight to work with, always cheerful, patient, enthusiastic and creative. You have so many creative, original ideas, for which we have received many compliments. When I look around my apartment, I am thrilled with what I see. I will highly recommend you.
Lillian Nyman


Circle of Love

These circle mirrors were the inspiration for this built-in TV storage unit. Originally black, we painted them white, and designed the unit with exposed shelves to show off treasured pieces that the clients had collected over time, as well as ample concealed storage. The low, concrete condo ceilings were not conducive to the installation of pot lights. In order to illuminate that end of the room, sconces were installed on protruding gables, which allow the doors to pass behind exposing the television.


Circle of Love Testimonial

Dear Shaila,

What a joy it was to build our new home together with your guidance. We will be forever grateful to you and we think of you often, as we spend time together in our beautfil living room.

Fondly, Rochelle and Donny